Ordering and Shipping


We offer the possibility to order via

email: order(at)anthurium.com.au

via telephone: 0429 050900 or

via fax: 07 3056 2114.

This way we can discuss with you if there are any issues with availability and sizing and make sure you will get exactly what you want and when you want it. 

Our minimum order size is one box per delivery address. There is choice between standard boxes containing a nice mixture of varieties:

  • A - 20 stems - size small           
  • B - 16 stems - size medium 
  • C - 18 stems - 10  size small and 8 size medium       
  • D - 16 stems - 5 size small, 8 size medium and 3 size large 

We are also happy to create a specific mixture of varieties and sizes to suit your individual requirements. This can be done according to the combinations as per above (e.g. box A combination but only red varieties) or your own combination, bearing in mind that ¼ of a box contains 5 small or 4 medium or 3 large flowers. 

If you want to take the hassle out of the ordering process, please arrange a recurrent order with us (e.g. weekly, 2 weekly etc) and we will make sure that you automatically receive your order at those arranged intervals. That way you only have to contact us if you require something extra or want to skip a period!


Most of the flowers get send down by road freight and we will mainly be using Atherton Transport for deliveries in the Cairns area and Fastway Courier service for other areas in Queensland and New South Wales. We only charge you the freight cost that we get charged for your shipment, so no add ons.

Shipping via air can be organised if you have your own freight account with an air carrier, but please give us a call with enough notice to discuss and arrange.

All our anthurium flowers are packed with an individual vial for water supply and each flower has a protective sleeve and gets taped in securely into the boxes. The leaves are also packed with utmost care and taped into the boxes.